Accessing pirate sites to download movies and TV exposes your financial and medical details, passwords, photos and more to criminals. So not only is pirating illegal, you become a victim of your own crime. Is it really worth it, just for some free content?

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Why can’t the police help?

Unfortunately for victims, police can’t help if you’ve been hacked through a pirate website. While site blocking legislation does provide consumer protection, of the 1,481 domains blocked by the Court since 2017, all were operating in jurisdictions beyond the reach of national courts, making it impossible for local law enforcement to bring criminals to justice.

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Almost 1 in 3 Australians were affected by cybercrime in 2018, according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre

What this means

You could become a target of cybercrime

What makes pirate
sites dangerous?

  • They host malicious ads
  • You don’t need to click to be at risk
  • They make money from illicit activities

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how hacking works

  • Personal data to commit fraud
  • Bank account details to steal money
  • Access to family and friend’s emails

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In many cases, increasingly sophisticated organised crime groups are behind the counterfeiting and piracy activities… Many of these organised crime groups are also involved in other criminal activities, including, in a limited number of cases, terrorism.

The European Union Intellectual Property Office, 2019 IP Crime Assessment

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